May 25, 2007

These are all the glitches I found playing clubpenguin:If you have any problems or you just wanna complement me email me at


The first glitch im going to tell you is the nubbing glitch.Just click this link and press F11 right above the = sign and click the white gap between the playing screen and you computer bar.Then you should be nubbing.Good luck 😉

green commander of….

This glitch is moderately easy just type in “green commander of……(which ever word you want you put after of.)Then rapidly click the ground of club penguin so you are walk and the words should flicker.This also works with:I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX:make sure they are all in upper case letters,and just do the same thing as green commander of….

Newspaper dance and talk

Make sure you play on this link while doing this

1-Go to the dance club,and start dancing.
2-Go to a members house on the MAP.
3-Go to the right to make sure you can see yourself.
4-Open MAP and go to ask aunt arctic.(so the Newspaper screen is smaller)
5-Press Tab once and you should be able to speak.
6-Press Tab twice and the link on the top should turn blue.
7-Here’s the tricky part.When the link on the top of the screen is blue press Tab and D shortly after press Tab.Make sure you do it very fast.

You should be dancing you can put different clothes on and do different dances 🙂

How to walk where you’re not supposed to.

1-Go to the SKI MOUNTAIN.
2-Go to bunny Hill(Make sure you are the only one there)
3-Wait for someone to come.But before they enter the game click on the MAP.
4-When the race starts wait about 3-5 seconds.
5-Click on the Town or any other place on the MAP,and when it is loading Press the TAB button located next to “Q”.

6-Keep holding it even when you have entered the desired room or your choice.While holding it click any exit that takes you into another room.For example the town stand far beyond the Blue and White arrows.
(You can click the coffee door if you are on the left or the Gift Shop door if you are on the right to walk over them.)
An easier way of doing this is. Going to the Dance club,and Rapeadetly click the Dance Club door and if you time it right you should be standing on the arrow to the left in TOWN.


Hello world!

May 25, 2007

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